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Inventing the Future


For mere mortals, even approximately representing Jesus is an overwhelming undertaking. But God fully intends that we carry out His command to be effective, fruit-bearing witnesses for His Kingdom, credible (read holy) character studies, and pro-actively, lovingly and graciously counter-cultural. At the same time He is fully aware of the challenges that presents to us. So, is He serious?? Is this still His plan for us in 2009? What could bridge the gap between our feeble state and the mighty accomplishing of His high and noble purposes for us? Today, with relief and joy, we remember Pentecost: That explosive growth in the number of disciples immediately following the Acts 2 event was not a result of proper planning, earned university degrees, natural leadership traits in the disciples, or a natural tendency to succeed at every launched project. Success was (and is) entirely at God's initiative and His daily refreshing of the power of the Spirit, His mercies and His provision of grace.



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