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Jesus' Determination to Redeem Us: In Spite of the Dullness of His Disciples


So far on Jesus' to-do list: learn to successfully counter the lies, deceit, and temptations of the enemy; learn to deal with fickle, and sometimes treacherous, public opinion; learn to assert His God-given authority over evil outbursts from demons; and lean to establish necessary and healthy relational boundries. All of these things sserved to sharpen His determination to fulfill the Father's divine rescue mission of blazing a trail for all mankind, out of the clutches of sin and death and into an eternity of fellowship and belonging, warmed by the father's loving embrace. The next item on the list is addressing His disciples' lack of insight. If Jesus were southern, He'd have said, "Y'all just don't get it, do ya?"

Luke 9:37-48



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